Should You Part Exchange Your Car or Sell Privately

You’ve had your old reliable car for several years now. It’s helped you get to A from B over hundreds and even thousands of miles. Many amazing memories were made with that car. But, it’s time to say goodbye to it and replace it with something new. Perhaps your family is downsizing, and you can finally get a new Nissan Titan pick-up truck, or it’s just run its course. Regardless of what you’re thinking of doing, you’re faced with two choices – part exchange it or sell it privately.

In the following post we’ll look at both, discussing some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is best for you.

Selling Privately – The Benefits

Do you have a lot of time to spend finding the best buyer? Selling privately may well be the best option. You’ll be able to secure, in most situations, a higher price for your car, by selling it privately rather than part exchanging it. As the money you make is not also reliant on a dealership making money, you will get all the money you sell your car for. Another major benefit is that you can really drive home selling points that dealerships are not interested in, such as special features and modifications. These are far more appealing to private buyers.

Private Selling – The Downsides

It follows that while you’re able to get more money from selling privately, it takes a lot of your time. If you, therefore, have limited amount of time or just need to secure a sale quickly because you need a new vehicle, this is not the best way to go about it.

Another major reason why you may want to avoid selling privately is the fact that you’re bound to run into lots of timewasters selling privately. People who want to try haggle down to stupid prices.

Part Exchange – The Benefits

Convenience is, by far, the biggest benefit of part exchanging your current car. As we noted, it can often take weeks to sell a car privately, whereas you can immediately get the keys to a new car if you decide to part exchange.

Rather than having to go through all the palaver of creating ads and waiting for buyers to show interest, you can just make a trade right there and then when you visit a dealership. Perfect if time is of the essence.

Part Exchanging – The Downsides

Neither of these methods of selling your old car are fool proof and there’s downsides to part exchanging. For the dealership to make a profit, you lose out on some yourself. That means for the convenience that comes from part exchanging, you’re trading in some of the money you would have made selling privately.

It may also mean that you must negotiate with a dealership, which is not something that many people relish or enjoy. As well as negotiating on a price for the value of the motor your trading in, you’ll also be negotiating on the new car’s price. You have tom decide whether that’s something you want to do.

Which is best for you? There’s good points and bad points to both – you need to look at them all and consider what fits in with your own situation best.

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