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Although home security is a top desire for most homeowners, many forego the system for fear it will be too expensive to budget into their monthly expenses.

However, there is no need to shell out big money for home security. There are plenty of budget-conscience ways to protect your home, beginning with home alarms:

1. Alarm System

Many homeowners are under the misconception that a home alarm system must come with all of the fancy bells and whistles that make the price a premium. While the extras offer exclusive features, they are not entirely necessary if you do not have the monthly funds.

2. Dog

A Dog is truly a man’s best friend, for they are kind, loyal, and protective. Dogs deter burglars away, for they do not want to risk being attacked or caught. Some of the best protective and family-friendly dogs are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Saint Bernards.

3. Don’t Broadcast Over Social Media

While it might be fun to share your vacation plans over social media platforms, be careful. Burglars are as technologically savvy as everyone else, thus they will be able to see, via your social media posts, when your home is empty.

Though geo-tagging locations might seem harmless, those tags allow burglars a chance to see how far away you are from your home. Additionally, this can be dangerous because it allows predators to know specifically where you are, which can lead to harassment or worse.

4. Lock Your Doors And Windows

A simple security measure that many people forget to do, make sure you lock your doors and windows. A significant number of home invasions occur because the owners forgot to lock up. Additionally, be sure to lock up immediately upon entering your home. Burglars tend to look for those who are distracted or vulnerable and prey upon unsuspecting people who just entered their home.

5. Signs Of Security

Whether you have a security system or not, simply placing signs or stickers from a security company could make the difference between being robbed and being skipped over. Law enforcement officials confirm this theory time and again, for most burglars are not willing to call the bluff. Moreover, adding signs about having a dog typically does the same trick.

6. Light It Up

An easy step to add home security is to install motion-sensor lights around your home. The last thing a criminal wants is to be in the spotlight.

For those who are away from home often, especially at night, consider investing in either solar powered lights, which turn on and off automatically based on skylight, or lights with timers.

7. Make Friends With Your Neighbors

A common ploy criminal’s use is to pose as a moving company and walk out with your stuff in broad daylight. Often folks who live next door believe the occupants are relocating, for they have little to no interaction with them.

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