Retired? Advice On How You Can Stay Warm This Winter Without Breaking The Bank

We all want to save as much money as possible on our household bills, but that becomes especially important when you reach retirement age. While you might have a decent pension, the winter months can be extremely stressful and difficult. So, we thought it was about time we wrote and published an article offering some handy advice. The information in this post should help you to cut back on spending and keep more money aside for luxuries. Of course, you’ll need to use a bit of common sense as the ideas listed might not be viable for everyone.

Switch to LPG

Running a property on mains supply gas can be very expensive, especially when you’re older and feel the cold a little more than most. For that reason, switching to LPG or heating oil is a wise move. You will have to invest some money to begin with, but over a couple of years it will pay for itself. If you already use this form of heating, you might like to change LPG supplier. Now is the best time to do that as many providers offer discounts during the summer months.

Wear more clothing

It might sound obvious, but one of the best ways to stay warm during winter without breaking the bank is to wear more clothing. You might not like the idea of sitting in your armchair wearing two jumpers. However, if it means you spend less on energy, that has to be a good thing, right? Also, undergarments are important. You can purchase long-Johns and similar products for next to nothing from your local supermarket, thus reducing the amount you have to spend on heating.

Get out of the house

Getting out of the house is a brilliant way of staying warm in winter without spending a penny. You could go for walks, visit friends or even take a day trip somewhere nice. Joining your local library or attending social events will mean you feel the benefits of a heated room without increasing your own bills.

Only heat one room at a time

If you live on your own, you can only occupy one room at a time. So, it simply doesn’t make sense to heat your entire house. Presuming you spend most of your day/evening in the living room, you should switch all other radiators off and keep doors clothed. You’ll be shocked by how much money can be saved by doing that. Electric blankets are also a good idea as they keep you warm in bed without the need for gas consumption. Just switch it on half an hour before you plan to go upstairs, and your bed will be toasty.

While there are many other ways of keeping warm during the cold months without spending money, we feel the ones mentioned in this post are the most sensible. Whatever happens, don’t suffer in silence. Every single year, there are numerous deaths during the winter due to people not having enough money to pay for heating. If you think you’re going to struggle, get in touch with a friend or your local council to see how they can help.

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