The Must-Read Guide To Planning Your 2023 Vaccation

We’re all starting to realise how financially difficult the next few years will be. With job security almost unheard of these days, it can be rather stressful not knowing if and when your source of income will cease to exist, and this obviously makes it difficult to commit to large purchases or plan a holiday in the sun. Still, if you’re careful enough and you take notice of the advice I’m about the relay, there’s no reason why you all shouldn’t be sat on your favourite beach in Spain come July. At the end of the day, we can all stay at home and moan about the global economy, or we can get out there and do our best to help it improve.

Don’t get me wrong, you probably won’t be able to spend two weeks in Hawaii or the Dominican Republic, but you should be able to afford a week in a European country on even the lowest of wages. It’s all about setting yourself a goal and working towards it. In the past, you had to pay for holidays up front, but thanks to increased options for booking your flights and accommodation separately, this is no longer the case. Anyway, here are some handy tips that are guaranteed to assist you when planning your 2023 vacation.

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Book Accommodation Early

Although you’ve probably read lots of different guides on the internet that tell you to wait until the last minute, that only really works if you’re going to have a lump sum just before you leave on holiday. I believe it’s much better to book your hotel or apartment months in advance. That way; you’ll only have to spend a few hundred pounds, but you’ll be 100% committed to getting the rest of the money and actually leaving the UK for a week or so.

Book Flights Late

This is where you can actually save a considerable amount; you just need to be willing to take the risk. In most cases, people who wait until the last minute to book flights aren’t usually disappointed, as airlines really don’t like empty seats. So, make sure you get in touch with them around 2 days before you want to travel. If they don’t offer you anything cheap enough; take your bags and go sit at the airport. People are missing their flights all the time, and if you’re sat there, the chances are you’ll be offered the empty seats.

Consider Short-Term Lending

If you find you simply haven’t got enough cash to pay for flights or keep you alive whilst on holiday, then it might be worth looking at your options when it comes to obtaining short term loans, especially if you’ve already paid for the hotel booking, as you’ll almost certainly lose that money. Although traditional payday firms are all over the TV nowadays, the services they offer aren’t that good, and so you might consider looking at a new funding option called a “logbook loan”. Personally, I think these solutions are much fairer to the customer.

Well, it’s time for me to head off now and do a little holiday booking of my own. Thankfully, I spend most of last year working, and so I’ve managed to set some money aside for this summer. Now, Amsterdam or Prague? Hmm…

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