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As this is a brand new make money blog, I don’t expect there are too many people reading this, but what the hell? If you are here, then:


Even if you’re only a search engine bot!

Also, being brand new it always helps to push a lot of content onto the site early on to ensure there is every chance of creeping up the serps (search engine results pages) over time. Page Rank is important too and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not – it just is not the be all and end all of getting your page up there in the lofty heights of the serps where you will find that the traffic comes easy. Make money ways are plentiful but all amount to nought if you cannot get into the high pages of Google’s search engine.

Anyhow, that’s enough content adding for now – this was supposed to be a short and sweet Christmas message after all!

Terry Didcott
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