How your mobile can save you money in 2014

The key to saving large amounts of money over time lies in making changes to the smaller details in life. Avoiding huge expenses is easy; it’s mastering the finer details which allows us to effect real change when it comes to our finances.

Something that can add and create an expense worth paying attention to is our mobile phone plan. Here, we take a look at a number of ways in which our mobile phone can actually save us money.


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Using mobile tariffs to save money is not only a question of looking for a great value bundle which provides us with all the services we need for the lowest price. In addition to this, we should look for added benefits which can make a difference in other parts of our life.

One fine example of such a tariff is that on offer at Mobile by Sainsbury’s. The deal not only provides customers with an improved 500mb data bundle and 11p off a litre of fuel at Sainsbury’s every time you top up £10, but also offers double nectar points for those shopping in the supermarket chain. They’ve drawn up a handy infographic which details what families can expect to receive from these points – from 200 loaves of bread to a spa day for mum and dad.

Tracking energy use

While it might seem the best use of money is to opt for a basic phone, there are some financial benefits to a smartphone. Most of these benefits take the form of apps which can save you money in one way or another. Some of the most effective money saving apps are those which allow you to keep track of your energy use at home.

With the price of fuel rising, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are looking for ways to reduce the size of their bills. Just like choosing a mobile tariff, it’s essential to know how you use energy in order to choose the best tariff for you.

Price comparison

As pointed out by this Guardian piece on the best money saving apps, it’s possible to use your phone to compare prices on items you’re looking to buy. By scanning a barcode when you’re in a shop, your phone can connect to the web and provide you with the best price for that item.


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While it might not be feasible to use an app like this for every purchase you make while walking around the supermarket, it can come in handy for the larger and more expensive items. Saving money isn’t always about going without. It’s possible to have all of the luxuries you like so long as you’re willing to spend a little time scouting out the best prices. Apps like these make that a very real possibility.

Looking for vouchers

Whether you’re shopping online or on the high street, finding voucher codes can be extremely valuable. Before making a big purchase of any kind, do your best to search for a voucher code which entitles to you money off. Most of the sites which exist to help you seek out a voucher code also provide an app for those using the most popular mobile operating systems.

Consider Pay As You Go (PAYG)

A great bundle is always attractive and can often save you money on your monthly deals. However, pay as you go can sometimes make more financial sense, depending on how you use your phone. Particularly for those who don’t use their phone a great deal, pay as you go can be a smart decision which ensures that you don’t pay above the odds for your mobile phone.

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