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How to make money fast is a real popular question asked by many people new to Internet Marketing. This might just be a post that will show you how to make money fast using my keyword experiment a little further. My last post here at Make Money Hints, went off on a slight tangent and looked primarily at researching keywords to use in the niches to make money fast. In this how to make money fast post, I’m going to make one or two unpopular statements.

Unpopular How to Make Money Fast Statement 1.

Being on the first page of Google may not get you any traffic.

Unpopular How to Make Money Fast Statement 2.

Being ranked highly for your main keyword may still not get you any traffic.

Let me explain those two statements with a prime example – this how to make money fast blog. If you were to go to Google and type in “fast make money” with the quotes (as most Internet Marketers do), you’ll see this blog sitting in about position two or three. That’s on page 1, by the way. Yesterday I actually sat in the no.1 spot for a while until some bozo with a damn Youtube make money fast video came and stole the top spot.

It doesn’t matter as YouTube posts don’t generally tend to last very long in the SERPs, especially in the make money fast niche.

Update 8th March – I just looked and I’m back in the No.1 spot – here’s a screen-shot:

How to Make Money Fast
Click on the image for a bigger version in a new window/tab

Just shows you how fast YouTube posts drop after their initial placement – the reason is they don’t have any useful written content, so Google doesn’t keep ‘em high for long. Incidentally, the image gives me another chance to promote my featured keyword how to make money fast as the “alt” text – always worth sneaking in an extra bit of SEO! Now back to yesterday’s post…

Well, upon seeing this blog right up near the top, you’d think I’d be cashing in on some of the several hundred a day searches that are made on the term fast make money, or make money fast.

You’d be wrong. Why?

Most people who are not Internet Marketers and therefore exactly the kind of organic, targeted traffic you want at your site, do not use the quotes when searching on a keyword phrase. Let me repeat that little nugget of wisdom if you didn’t quite get it first time around.

Most people do NOT use the quotes when searching on a keyword phrase.

What does that mean in terms of page placement for your site? well, have a look. Type in the same search term, fast make money, this time without the quotes. This site is nowhere – well, languishing down on page 3 or 4, which is as good as nowhere.

What does that tell you?

That while you might think you’re site is doing really well for the long tail keyword you are targeting, if it doesn’t sit in the same spot in the SERPs with or without the quotes, then you are NOT going to attract a slice of that particular search traffic pie.

By way of an example which you can’t see (I’m not revealing this niche – sorry!) I rank about halfway down page one in a different niche that according to Keyword Elite attracts over 100k searches a month! That’s with the quotes – without them, I rank on page two – not so good, but worse than that, it means I don’t see any of those high volume, lucrative searches. If the people searching the two word keyword search term were using the quotes, I’d be seeing a flood of traffic to my site, which pretty much goes to prove my point here.

I know that I have to get that site onto page 1 and pronto – there’s a ton of money to be had from so many searches. That site will certainly make money fast from its PPC and affiliate ads once it gets up high on page one.

Of course the second unpopular make money fast statement ties in with the first, if you were wondering, apart from one minor detail. Well, that minor detail is actually a glaringly obvious BIG detail when it comes to not being able to make fast money from a particular long tail keyword – and that is you should always make sure your keyword is actually being searched on in the first place! Not much use being ranked No.1 for a term that doesn’t get any searches, like another of my early sites that I put together before I really knew what I was doing!

We live and learn when it comes to slow or fast make money ways!

So, to sum up – the rather unpopular and harsh make fast money lesson that I’m expounding here today is that even though you may think you’re doing ok, you may not be, unless you can rank high for keywords that are well searched… both with and without the quotes. How to make money indeed!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints


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