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Following form the last post here at Make Money Hints, here’s another make money fast related post. Ok, its another of those keyword type titles, which could loosely be construed as asking the question, how to make money fast online?

Well, what the title pertains to I suppose is how quickly you can expect to see your blog up in the high reaches of Google’s search pages for your chosen keyword. In the case of this blog, I’ve been targeting a few long tails around the make money keyword, in order to rank for the long tails first and the obvious make money second.

So how successful has this little campaign been?

Well, I’ve had mixed success. Along with my other How to Make Money Online blog, I’ve been targeting these keywords:

  • easy make money
  • fast make money
  • make money ways
  • home make money

Of those four, I got to page one for easy make money, make money ways and now fast make money. Home make money was too competitive and I didn’t get up past page 3. The other thing I noticed is that I slid down again for all of them and nothing stays stable in any of those niches as competing sites are forever pushing to overtake me. Same thing happened with my other Make Money blog.

Right now this blog is kicking it’s ass in fast make money!

Currently (at the time of posting this) this blog stands at No. 7 for fast make money. The reason, then for this post is to try to consolidate my position on page one with another keyword rich article targeting that long tail keyword. The reason being is that this one gets a decent number of monthly searches compared to the rest (home make money gets better, but as I said is much more competitive).

All this working away diligently gathering backlinks and writing like a lunatic is a lot of work for not a lot. This blog is currently PR0 and simply doesn’t have the rank or keyword authority to take on the big guns and may not do for another year or so – even if I do work at it. But I’m not going to ne going full tilt at it, because there are so many other much more lucrative niches out there for me to spend my time developing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the make money niche is a lot of hard work for not a good return. Unless you are one of the top sites, you’re not going to make money from the make money niche!

So if you want to know how to make money fast online, turn your efforts into a different niche, because this one is saturated!

What’s worse is even if you do finally manage to attract a good deal of search traffic in this niche, you still won’t fast make money because the majority of the visitors to your site will be other Internet Marketers who umpteen surveys have shown do not click on your ads and banners, so they are worthless to you as money making traffic!

…you are in this to make money, aren’t you?

Well, this ain’t the place to make it. Whatever the gurus and A-listers will tell you, unless you have a very big list to use as milking cows, you will not make decent money working from home with a blog and a prayer.

So by all means run a fast make money site or blog and build up a good readership for the practice of writing on the subject, as you will gather important knowledge as you go and make a lot of friends along the way, but just don’t expect to make money by the truckload from your make money blog. You’ll make it in the niches which should make it possible for you to earn a decent living online – and it is those niches that you should be putting all your energy into.

Create lots of free blogs and use them (carefully) to promote your main site in each niche you choose to work. Also create a few Squidoo lenses to also link to your sites and drive traffic to them. Squidoo lenses index fairly quickly and can be created to target single keywords making them tightly focused link juice and traffic providers for your main sites.

So how fast can you make money online?

I dunno, that part is up to you and how hard you want to work at this.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints



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