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Health and money often go hand in hand. Those with limited financial means often leave health problems untreated, and problems left untreated can quickly escalate. It is important to start at this very minute to assess both financial and physical health. Get a good handle on both to squeeze out every drop of life’s juicy goodness. Below are some tips for saving money on your health.

What to Look For

Finding the right health insurance plan for one’s health condition and financial situation is important.  Those who frequent doctors’ offices may find policies with higher premiums and lower co-pays more rewarding. There are some insurance packages where the premiums and co-pays are both higher, so it is wise to shop around. Talk to friends and co-workers about where they found good deals. Talk to representatives for more than one company. Take some time to decide if access to healthcare from out-of-network providers is important, or if in-network providers will serve the needs that arise.

Saving Money Through Prevention

Diseases and health problems can often be traced back to poor diet and lack of exercise.  Just 30 minutes of exercise per day is suggested to reduce risk of heart disease. Heart disease costs insurance companies and patients in the United States $108.9 billion every year. It’s not just money at stake with heart disease. The ability to enjoy life and prosper are also connected to feeling good. By taking care of one’s health and heart, one has the magnetism and good health to go out and become financially healthy.

Back Pain and Financial Problems

Back pain often comes with fear of high medical bills, but all areas of life suffer with chronic pain. Disc disease and other back problems should be faced and dealt with. Treatments for disc disease should be aimed at getting better instead of managing a lifetime of chronic pain. Disc disease can be a description of normal spine aging, and its symptoms can be alleviated by exercise and better health habits. Seeking medical attention for spinal pain may be the cheapest and best thing to do immediately, so that a medication-free pain-free existence can be achieved long-term. Good posture while both sitting and standing, healthy weight and exercises that strengthen the muscles supporting the spine are all very important for back pain relief and spinal health.

The Cost of Smoking

The cost of smoking hits bank accounts long before health problems emerge. Cigarettes are creeping up to nearly $6.00 per pack, which adds up quickly. The cumulative cost of a smoking habit could better fund a new car or a savings account. It isn’t long before the cost begins to manifest in your health and your finances. Tobacco use costs the United States an annual $133 billion in direct medical care. The actual medical problems associated with smoking include heart disease, stroke and lung cancer; in fact, smoking is linked to cancer almost anywhere in the body. To stop smoking would be a huge step forward for anyone who is currently a smoker.

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