Great Ways to Save Money



If you are worried about money, you’re not alone; at this time of the year it is common to become stressed about increased expenditure, and with no apparent way to meet your expenses it may be tempting to turn to a loans company for help. We have one word to say about this option: don’t! It’s expensive and doesn’t address the real problem – you are most likely spending too much!

Here’s a trick we recommend you begin with: make a list of all your essential regular bills – energy, phones, broadband, water, your mortgage or rent and such – and then, next to that, make a list of things that you could, in fact, do without.

These are the items that we consider non-essential: take-out meals, drinks at the pub, little luxuries that you pick up when you are shopping for your groceries. These are the items on which you are spending money you could easily save.

Saving in the Home

Our first tip, then, is to consider those items that are not essential, and try hard to cut them out of your expenditure. You will find it is quite easy to do without them, and very quickly it will become apparent how much you can save in that area.

However, there is more money to be saved if you look around the home. We mentioned your regular monthly bills: get them all together, and head to one of the many comparison sites you can find online, and use them to see if you can get a better deal. This applies to your energy and phone bills, plus things such as credit cards, where switching a balance can save you money in many cases. The same applies to insurance, both for the home and your car, and it is always worth shopping around for the best deal.

The excellent website My Voucher Codes has plenty of tips and advice to offer in a great, short video, and it is well worth a couple of minutes of your time. It offers advice on how to save when shopping – try supermarket own brand goods, for example – and also when cooking in the home. How much of your leftover food do you use, or do you simply throw it away? Plenty of leftover food can go towards a decent meal, so think about using it before you put it in the bin.

More Ways to Save

Some other things to think about: are you paying for satellite TV packages that you never use? Is there a better offer from a different provider? What about your mobile phone deal? Perhaps switching to a different package could save you money? Make sure your heating is programmed to come on only when required (or look at a thermal heater, there a few reviewed here) – installing a smart meter can be a great way of analysing how you could save in this area – and keeping doors closed and lights switched off can save surprising amounts of money. Watch the video for many more ideas, and begin saving money for a stress-free winter.

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