How To Get The Perfect Holiday At The Perfect Price

One of the things that make working through the year worthwhile is going on that perfect summer holiday away from the daily grit and grime.  We all want to be able to enjoy a relaxing and fun holiday in the sun, but whether or not you can afford it is a different matter.  If you are on the lookout for that perfect holiday but are worried about the cost, please read on as we give you some helpful and handy tips to ensure you don’t miss out.

Look At Alternatives To Hotels

While it is true that staying in a hotel is a lot of fun, being able to relax and watch TV and knowing that someone else is going to make your bed for you; having a tight budget may mean that you have to look at different forms of holiday accommodation.  Caravan parks, camping sites and self-catering villas are all options that you should consider.  If you are after the best price then don’t dismiss alternatives to hotels until you have looked into all your options, as many alternatives can be a lot more comfortable and fun than you think.

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Consider Different Destinations

Many of the popular destinations around the world from the beaches of Spain to the villas and resorts in Italy and Greek islands are great places to have a holiday, but often these places are booked up quickly and it can be hard to find a decent price.  It makes perfect sense then to consider other places that are not as popular but just as interesting and relaxing such as Northern Africa and Eastern Europe.  By doing this you may come across a really amazing place that not many people know about and is much cheaper than the more popular destinations.

Either Book At Last Minute Or In Advance

The two best ways to get a bargain of a holiday is by booking at last minute or in advance.  By playing safe and booking in advance you can take advantage of a lot of the early booking discounts featured in the new catalogues.  Although booking at last minute you are likely to get an even better deal, it is a far riskier way to do things as you may not be able to get anything at all, and even if you do, the choices may be very limited to say the least.

Stay Flexible

The most important piece of advice that I can give is to stay flexible.  By staying flexible with your holiday search you are more likely to find a great bargain.  One problem with trying to be flexible is when you can get time off from your work.  To work round this ask your boss for a selection of dates that you can take for your holiday.  This way you can work out which dates will be the cheapest.  It is also a good idea to be flexible with regards to the exact destination, the departure airport and departure time.  If you keep an open mind and stay flexible, you will find that you have a greater number of options to choose from, which will in turn help you to find a great deal.

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