Funeral Costs Can Be Handled Easily With Great Final Needs Plans

We’ve just lost a partner, a parent, or a close friend: it’s one of the most heartbreaking and stressful times of our lives. When an intimate passes, there’s a gaping hole in our lives where that person used to be, both mentally and physically, and there’s little we can do about itexcept grieve and remember. But what we can help with are the financial and administrative stresses of those final days—tasks such as paying for a casket, choosing a monument, filing important paperwork, figuring out who needs to be notified, and scrounging up reception food and flowers for the funeral.

With that in mind, the most efficient and considerate way to help with these stresses is to purchase a final needs plan.


Organizations that offer final needs plans provide you with the ability to plan and pay for your funeral during your life in easy, affordable, monthly payments. Personal account executives are available to help choose the best plan for you and work out the details so nothing is forgotten. They offer monument services so that you can design your ideal monument and pay today’s prices, forgoing the ten percent a year increase in the market. This also allows married couples to make a decision together. Additional to helping with funerals and monuments, final needs plans include document service and travel protection. Document service alleviates the burden of collecting and filing your financial and governmental information when stress and pain are at a high point.

With a simple phone call, your chosen company will gather all information, send your survivors anything that needs signed, and properly file a list of required documents. Your survivors need only mail the completed packet back, hassle-free. Another excellent service offered is travel protection, which makes sure that should you pass on while abroad or just out-of-town, you arrive home promptly and respectfully. The company will pay for transportation for not only you, but also a companion to accompany you, while handling all paperwork related to travel.

With professional assistance, the stress of planning your funeral is already taken care of, so your friends and family can simply mourn without the aggravation of funeral costs and complexarrangements. However, to ease of the burden furthermore, you can even shelter money away in your plan to help with additional costs that may come up after the fact, such as concessions and stationary. Money invested in the plan is only accessible to the holder until after death, when it is then used to pay for agreed upon purchases.

Nursing homes, lawyers, or estate fees cannot touch the money secured in the plan. A good final needs provider is an honest, compassionate, and trustworthy company like the Elephas Group — this organization offers protection for your money and always has your best interests at heart. And all of this can get started with a single phone call, right now.

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