How To Eat Healthily For Less

There is a misconception held by many people that if you want to save money on food, you have to eat unhealthily.  It simply isn’t true that you have to live off bread and water or rice and potatoes to make savings.

As you will see in the following post, it is more about looking for ways to save money on your food shopping bill without losing out on the quality of meals you make.

Always Use Leftovers Instead Of Wasting Food

It is actually really scary how much food gets chucked in the bin in the developed world of countries like America and here in the UK.  While many people in poorer parts of the world are suffering and even dying of malnutrition and starvation, people in the west are happy enough to throw away good food every single day.  The more you research into the subject of food waste in the UK, the more worrying the situation seems.

It is estimated, for instance, that around 15 million tons of food is wasted every year in the UK; while, in the US it is reckoned that people are throwing around 1/4 of the food they spend money on every year.  Instead of just seeing it as food you no longer want to eat, look at that plate of food that you scraped into the bin as money that you are basically throwing away and I am sure you will feel worse about it.  Always find a good use for your leftovers – either use them as quick and tasty sandwiches or the base for the next meal you make.  If you find that you have made too much food, freeze it and use it another day.

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Become More Aware Of Best Before Dates

Another big issue when it comes to food shopping in the UK is that a large percentage of the population throws food into the bin without even checking it.  This is due to a lot of shoppers choose to bulk buy goods, because they are on a BOGOF deal and they think they have a bargain, without checking whether the products were close to their best before dates or not.  Another common problem is that you perhaps have a bit of cheese or some yoghurt pots stored at the back of your fridge and forget you have them.  By choosing and buying goods based on the best before dates you will find that you waste less money on food and therefore have less food that you need to throw away.

Cook Healthy And Filling Meals

It can be tempting when you want to save money on your food shopping by buying snacks and frozen meals.  Although these kinds of products look cheap, there are some serious problems with them that you should be aware of.  Firstly, they are unlikely to give you the nutritious, filling and healthy meal you need.  Additionally, although it might seem cheaper to buying ready meals than the actual ingredients to make the same meal from scratch, this is only really true when you are beginning to cook healthy meals.  Once you have some of the most basic ingredients in your cupboards, making your own meals completely from scratch will be a great way to save money on your shopping bills.  If you do not know any recipes off by heart, just do a quick search for tasty and easy recipes online.

Consider Coupons and Discounts

Often, your local grocery store will accept manufacturer coupons, and that may be a great way for you to buy organic and healthy options that would otherwise be out of reach for your grocery budget. Many shoppers just assume that grocery coupons couldn’t possibly save them much money and don’t bother collecting the coupons or bringing them to the store when they go shopping. However if you combine low prices and manufacturers coupons combine to provide you with great savings, as well as beating the discount shopping club prices and the prices of the lower priced budget items.

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