Drugs and Your Finances

People initially try drugs with the intention that they will just have it once or twice for the fun of it and to experience what it really does to a person. Movies, music and the showbiz culture have portrayed recreational drugs in such a fascinating manner that every youngster wants to try them and once they do, there is no stopping.  Drugs such as meth, cocaine and cannabis make a person feel good, give them new experiences in life and make them forget their sorrows and worries. Of course, when something makes you feel happy then what is the harm? This is where the trouble starts; almost all recreational drugs are highly addictive and can come with extremely dangerous, life-threatening side effects. The problem does not stop here, as most drugs are also very expensive. Once someone is addicted to a drug the sole purpose of his or her life becomes obtaining that drug by any means necessary.

Drug abuse and education

For a student on financial aid using drugs can be extremely disastrous. Most colleges and universities require students to stay completely away from all illegal activities. Staying away from drugs is the most difficult in the freshmen year but using drugs is not worth throwing away all the hard work a student does to obtain a scholarship or grant. If a student gets addicted to drugs the management is bound to find out and not only can the student be stripped of their scholarships and financial aid, but they could also kicked out of the institution in which they were studying.

Expensive Addictions

One of the most addictive drugs is cocaine. It is also very expensive and can cost up to $80 a gram. Gradually as the addiction and use develops, people start to lose money. They start selling their valuables and also end up spending all their savings in order to satisfy their addiction. A time comes when the user is out of money and first starts taking loan and then when that outlet is no more available, they start getting involved in illegal activities such as robbery or home invasion only to buy their next fix.

Productivity and Income Losses

People who become addicts to either drugs or alcohol face a lack of productivity at work, which endangers their job and employer. Such people not only lose out on promotions and work bonuses but are also at a risk of losing their job altogether. When they try to seek a new job, the recommendation from their old workplace—or lack thereof—does not encourage any employer to hire them. This leads to financial instability in their lives.

Health Costs and Bills

A long time abuser has to face extreme health issues because of their drug use. This costs them a substantial worth of medical bills every time they consult a doctor or buy medicines for their racing heart or high blood pressure, both of which are common side effects of many abused drugs. If the person has insurance, they are likely to face increased premiums or worse—the insurance company cancels their policies.

Rehab Can Prevent Abusers from Losing Money

Whether it is alcohol or any other recreational drug, they are bound to deteriorate a person’s health and finances.  Drug abuse turns a person’s life around in a blink of an eye. Entering drug rehab is always the smart thing to do when you realize the addiction. Save your health and money now, rather than wondering later what went wrong with your life and how did you end up completely broke and involved in such dangerous activities.

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