Cutting Down on Water Bills is a No-brainer with These Quick Methods

Although water bills can often work out as less expensive than other utility bills, they can still be surprisingly high. It’s important to try to cut down on water bills, both to save money and to be kinder toward the environment. With gas and electricity bills, you can often switch provider to cut down on costs. But with water bills, this often isn’t possible, and you are stuck with one provider. So it falls to cutting down on water use and making home improvements to reduce bills. There are lots of ways you can reduce your water usage, from small changes in your bathroom habits to larger modifications to your bathroom and kitchen.

Reuse Water

You can save water in the yard by reusing water from the house. Instead of turning on your hose or filling up a watering can from your outside tap, save water from your bath. Reuse this saved water on your lawn and plants, instead of letting it go to waste down the drain. You can also save water from cooking, for example from boiling pasta.

Turn Taps Off

Don’t run the tap while you brush your teeth. You could save 6 litres of water per minute if you turn it off instead of letting it run. If you have a combi-boiler, it may also be worth checking its efficiency. Running the hot water as you wait for it to heat up is wasting water too. Make sure you always turn the taps off all the way and don’t leave them dripping. You can also make sure everything is sealed correctly, and there are no leaks.

Take Showers, Not Baths

A shower uses less water than a bath, provided you aren’t showering for an extremely long time. It may seem incorrect because a shower runs the whole time you’re under it. But think about how long you run the tap to fill your bath and the amount of area covered by the shower head. If you plugged the drain while you showered, you would see you use a lot less water.

Shorten Your Shower

Another tip for slashing your water bills is taking shorter showers. It’s nice to luxuriate under the spray, especially when it’s cold, but you could probably cut a few minutes off your time in there. You don’t necessarily need to wash and condition your hair every single time you’re in there. And you could do other tasks, such as shaving, outside of the shower too. Try to wash and get out, rather than stand under the water doing nothing.

Make Bathroom Modifications

If you want to go even further, you can replace your showerhead or even your whole shower. An aerated showerhead could save you water, for example. You can also place a cistern displacement device in your toilet cistern. This device reduces the amount of water you use on each flush. Simply repairing a leaking tap could save even more water every year, and barely costs anything at all.


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