Crazy Ways to Make Money

We all need to make money to live, but sometimes it isn’t very exciting. Perhaps you work behind a counter or desk. Perhaps you’re bored with your industry. Perhaps you just want to make some cash on the side. Whatever you’re thinking, this post can help you. You want crazy ways to make money? You got ‘em!

Sell Your Hair

If you have long, thick hair to be proud of, you could sell it for a fee! Your hair could then be made into wigs to help cancer patients, or into hair extensions. Whatever your hair is used for, you can feel great about helping people.

Help People Recover from Their Hangovers

A hangover is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. We’re drowsy, dizzy, sick, all with a dry mouth and a huge headache. Well, you could be the person who helps people recover from their hangovers. This service seriously took off in California, and I think it’d go down well here too. Offer to bring the afflicted some breakfast and a drink before cleaning up for them. They’ll never know that a party took place once they come out of their hangover induced coma.

Take Surveys

Taking surveys might seem tedious to some, but it gets way more exciting when you can get paid for them. All you need to do is answer honestly, and you could get anything from small change to notes for taking them. It might take you a while to build up any money worth noting, but it’s a good way to fill a boring afternoon.

Become a Life Model

Not shy about your body? Become a life model and get sketched out by budding artists! You don’t need the perfect body to take part, and you certainly don’t need to be young. Who knows, you might even get to pick your favourite piece of work to keep.

Become a Magician for Hire

Great magicians are hard to come by, so if you can practice your technique and get things spot on, you could become a magician for hire. How much you make will depend on how good you are. You could be hired out for parties, pub entertainment, or something else altogether.

Become a Professional Gamer

If you have a passion for gaming, you could become a professional gamer. Even if you don’t have a passion for it yet, you could always learn! Becoming a pro gamer could mean you earn thousands for just one gaming session. All you need to do is perfect your skill and find a team of elite gamers to enter competitions with you.

Speaking of competitions, check this out!

Offer a Professional Cuddling Service

Some people will pay you for a big cuddle. Nothing more. This can be thought of as a form of stress relief, yet some people just don’t have anybody to cuddle. If you’re willing to hug strangers for money, you could make a mint.

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