Career Opportunities in Geotechnical Construction and Why You Should Look Into Them

For those looking for opportunities in engineering and construction, there’s no better place to look than in geotechnical construction. With the rise of a changing environment in construction, especially with the increase of eco-conscious building and the construction boom caused by increased oil production, contractors need to focus on environmental impact and feasibility of their projects. While geotechnical construction has always been a smart move for those looking for career opportunities in engineering and building, the geotechnical construction field has become a booming market for those seeking a long-term career move.

Geotechnical Engineers

Geotechnical engineers have long-term job stability ahead of them, and their pay will vary with years of experience. Due to the recent expansion of the geotechnical engineering industry, Payscale ranks it as a young workforce with the industry average being around 5 years of experience. At an expected starting salary of just over $43,000 a year, an average geotechnical engineer with five years experience may earn $61,000 annually. On the highest end of the career scale, a geotechnical engineer with more experience nets, on average, $86,000 each year! That’s enough to fund some serious passive investment opportunities for your retirement. Pay scales are almost always based on experience, with each level of engineer handling different aspects of a project. Job satisfaction is high among geotechnical engineers in comparison with other careers, which suggests that while the field is growing and competitive, it is also a satisfying career move over the long term.

Geotechnical Field Technicians

In today’s economy, geotechnical field technicians are also in high demand. While geotechnical engineers handle the overall project, the role of the field technician is more specialized (but no less vital), as they oversee all aspects of data collection and other technical aspects of the project. Pay scales for field technicians are, on average, lower than those of a geotechnical engineer. However, with the right background, the industry has a great deal of room for advancement. Many field technicians move into management roles, while others may choose to further their education in order to become an engineer. Geotechnical field technicians, which fall under the general category of field service technicians, have starting salaries that can range from $30,00 to $60,000 with an average annual salary of $46,000.

Benefits to Moving into Geotechnical Construction

There are a number of advantages in making a career shift towards the field of geotechnical construction, including continued industry growth and the inherent stability of the market. Due to the rampant growth of the industry, geotechnical firms are able to compete for the best talent; leading geotechnical construction firms offer generous benefits packages along with 401-K plans, and individuals with the geotechnical experience or specialized education who are hired, often find their salaries include a generous bonus structure.

Recent graduates, or those considering an engineering degree, should consider geotechnical construction as a serious and beneficial career path. By placing yourself as a competitive candidate in a growing field, you’ll ensure not only a financially stable, lucrative career, but also greater personal growth and satisfaction for years to come.

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