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Three Tech Companies To Invest In

The most sophisticated technology in the world is only becoming more accessible. Just think of how many pocket-sized computers you’ve seen today. Quite a change from being a kid isn’t it? Like with any expanding niche, technology stocks are drawing more attention than ever before. Perhaps you’d

Key Decisions That Will Improve Your Financial Health

Money is one of the most important factors in any of our lives. Finding ways to improve personal finances is a goal shared by millions. To achieve a brighter financial situation, you must first learn to take greater responsibility. This starts with making smarter decisions. Master the

Ultimate Guide To Better Borrowing

As everyone knows, there is good debt, and there’s bad debt. But, distinguishing between the two can be a tough nut to crack. And, the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe, to say the least. So, we thought we would put together this easy to

4 Things First-Time Buyers Need To Know Before Buying A Home

Source: Moving into your first home signals the start of an exciting chapter. However, it is an equally daunting time that poses a minefield of potential problems. Preparation is key to avoiding those pitfalls. It’s never too early to begin preparations. Here are four lessons to help

How to Make Life as a Landlord Cheaper

Being a landlord isn’t cheap, and if you don’t get things right, you could end up losing money rather than making it. Here are some tips to help you avoid that. Buy From Auctions Property auctions are great places to pick up bargains because this is where

Is It Worth Making An Insurance Claim?

A smashed vase: is it worth the claim? credit Insurance exists to provide us with a safety net. When things go wrong, and money is involved, insurance companies are there to bail you out. If you’ve had a car crash and your vehicle is in pieces, your

Three Tips To Help Your Startup Business Succeed

Source: Starting a new business is a truly exciting moment. After weeks, months, or even years of preparation you are ready to step out and completely change your life for the better. However, small businesses face a large number potential threats. It is crucial that yours doesn’t

Wicked Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

With finances tight these days it always helps to have extra avenues for income. Indeed, many people have second jobs. But this might not be a practical or desirable arrangement for you. If it isn’t, you’re going to need to come up with other ways of making