5 Personal Injury Compensation Claims Debunked

If you are thinking about making an arm injury claim, you may be put off by a lot of the misinformation that is out there on the web.  Perhaps you are frightened by scare stories and negative publicity.  In the following article we look at some of the myths that exist concerning the personal injury sector and debunk them.

Compensation Is Only Won In Court

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to go to court at all to win compensation.  The majority of claims are settled out of court and before any litigation whatsoever is needed.  Insurance companies know it is cheaper to settle out of court and amicably so will always work with the claimant to avoid a case being taken any further than it needs to be.  While specific cases do lead to court action if the issues between the parties involved are too contentious, this is a rarity.

Solicitors Are Out To Get What They Can

It is true that the legal sector overall does not enjoy very good press.  Many people see solicitors and lawyers as arrogant, out of touch and aloof individuals who are interested in getting as much money as they can.  There are many scare stories out there about kickbacks and hidden fees, but the truth is that all lawyers are closely monitored and regulated by the Law Society and reputable personal injury lawyers in the UK operate under the No Win No Fee rules that benefit you, the customer.

Personal Injury Claims Are Time Consuming and Complicated

While it is possible you may feel overwhelmed or intimidated, the above statement is inaccurate.  The majority of claims issued in the UK are settled within 8 to 12 months, as long as there are no issues regarding liability.  From the outset when you make a personal injury claim, there is always some inconvenience as there is lots of paperwork you have to complete, but once that is out of the way there is not much else you have to do.  A personal injury solicitor will do all they can to minimise inconvenience and will take care of everything to do with your claim.

It’s true that there is no easy or fast track route to compensation, but hiring the services of a personal injury lawyer they will minimise the hassle and any delays.

Compensation Is Easy To Acquire

No-one should be under the impression that the compensation claims process is an easy route to money.  The truth is that only genuine claimants with good cause for claiming compensation and have evidence will get damages paid.  When you put through a personal injury claim you will only receive back what you have lost out of your own money or whatever you are entitled to for the suffering and pain you have experienced as a result of the injury.

Claims Take Years TO Settle

As we stated previously in the article, the majority of personal injury claims are settled within 8 to 12 months unless there is problems on the liability side of things.

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