10 Unusual Uses For Paper Bags | Money Hints

In a time where saving money is crucial and using and reusing items is becoming the norm, we have created a list of 10 unusual uses for your stock of reusable paper bags.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Ironing

A well-used ironing board can become frayed and replacing it costs both time and money. As a short term easy fix, you can dampen your paper bags and place them on top of the board. This will get a few shirts ironed for work at least.

2. Ripening fruit

Many fruits, such as peaches and plums, ripen faster if they are placed within a paper bag. Ripening fruit releases a natural gas called ethylene, and the paper bag traps this gas helping to speed up the process of ripening while still allowing ventilation.

3. Cleaning mops

After mopping your floor, the mop’s head could become a bit full of dirt and dust and disposing of this can be a problem. By placing the mop head in a paper bag, you can give it a good shake and all of the debris will fall into the bag leaving less mess behind.

4. Compost

Earthworms make for good compost, and they enjoy paper bags and cardboard so if you have these two lying around, they are great to use.

5. Clearing snow from your car

When snow or frosting is predicted, you can cover your windscreens and mirrors with paper bags but placing them under the wiper blades and once the snow or frost has stopped, you can peel the paper bags away to find a completely clear screen. This will save you money on de-icer too.

6. Parachutes

When the rain is preventing your children going out to play, you can stay in and create some cool parachutes. All you need is some scissors, string and the all-important paper bag.

7. Painting

Scrunching up some bags and dipping them in paint can create a really unique texture to your painting and can transform any canvas into a piece of art.

8. Weed prevention

If you put a layer of paper over the soil, before you put the mulch down. You can apply an extra step to prevent weeds getting through.

9. Puppetry

If the rain happens to be around more than you and your family would like, then you could always create some paper bag puppets. They’re fun, easy to make and great entertainment.

10. Stopping hiccups

Our number-one favourite use for a paper bag though is to stop hiccups. Blow air into the paper bag and inhale and exhale for a while; this will make your breathing go back into sync. If that doesn’t work, blow it up and let your friend creep up behind you and pop the bag; this will frighten you and cause those annoying hiccups to go away.

Paper bags have a whole host of interesting uses but by being creative you can have a lot of fun with them too. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 unusual ways to use paper bags and look at the paper bag differently.

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