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Using Loans and Credit Cards to Establish Credit History

Collaboration with Anne Davis If you’re just beginning to think about the importance of credit, you may be wondering how to build a good credit score for yourself. While you may have been warned about misusing credit cards and installment loans, they can be used responsibly as

Refinancing Your Car Loan

When you purchased your car, prevailing interest rates or your credit history might have been a little different than they are today. If either of these things have changed substantially, or if other factors have made a better auto loan option available to you, weigh the options

How Digitalization Helps in Calculating Home Loan EMIs

  Technological development has made applying for loans quick and simple. Digitalization enables you to determine your loan eligibility and stay updated with all the loan-related information. Furthermore, online calculators help you to calculate the estimated Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) you will have to pay during the

4 More Common Types of Home Loan Frauds

Unethical practices are on the rise in the housing finance market.  Some lenders try to lure customers by offering unrealistic loan terms, while some extract an advance fee from unsuspecting borrowers. Some lenders even try to obtain personal and financial details of individuals through fraudulent means. Borrowers

Demonetization – Its impact on Housing Loans

Demonetization which has a dictionary meaning of “withdraw from use” has given the Indian economy a new meaning. An economy largely dependent on cash transactions has suddenly found itself lost  from 8th November. The currency which was in use for most of the transactions i.e INR 500