Avoiding the Gold Rush Syndrome


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The widely quoted and retold story of just who exactly made a fortune during the Gold Rush is perhaps worth briefly recapping just one more time as it has such a powerful lesson to teach us all. Two groups of people made all the money, namely those who first came across the gold and got first dibs on extracting the big score and those who sold shovels to the wave of the masses who came in search of their own fortune once word got out that there was some gold to be extracted.

This same old story has since played out again and again over the many decades which have since passed, manifesting in so many different forms and in so many different industries, but now it’s perhaps playing out in its most potent form yet as it’s aided by the wired world that is the internet. With just about every industry you can describe to be the new gold rush, the gold rush syndrome follows very closely behind in that the first to arrive are the ones who make a killing, while those who take the route of providing so-called tools to help the masses succeed in the same way as the pioneers also make a serious killing, perhaps even more so than the pioneers. In many instances as well, the pioneers turn around and become the tool-makers who sell the masses dreams of making it big while the opportunity has since dried up and become saturated, making a lot more money out of selling those so-called tools.

To use a practical example which you could probably find if you ran a simple Google search; people who identify themselves as internet marketers sell the idea of making money as an Internet Marketer to people and then literally sell them what they call Internet Marketing tools like opt-in list building facilities, website templates, mentorship programmes, graphics, content, etc. The focus for the pioneering Internet Marketer shifts to making money selling the tools which they may or may not have had success with using them to actually do what they claim they can actually do with them.

So you might be told that in order to succeed at Internet Marketing as an affiliate seller perhaps, you simply need to build a list of targeted leads, while the guy selling you a list-building facility didn’t in fact succeed with that very list-building facility they’re now selling you. That’s generally how the gold rush syndrome works and it’s something you need to train yourself to be able to sniff out and avoid as it will inevitably lead to one thing — disappointment.

Amidst all the gold rush syndrome madness however emerges some really legitimate tools which are actually quite useful if used for the right reasons and if they’re produced for the right reasons. The technology behind Content Management Systems is one such example as you can use a WordPress or Joomla template, etc. to build a really good website without having to try and use that website for whatever activity you were initially enticed into using it for, in the same way that specialised financial services marketing can really generate you great sales if you’re selling a legitimate product or service, whether it’s your own product or one which you’re selling as an affiliate.

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