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Getting married on a budget

According to a magazine last year, the average price for a UK wedding is a staggering £24,000 – the equivalent to putting a deposit down on a new home or buying a brand new SUV.  For many newlyweds, this means they start married life with a huge

Truth about Pre-Approved Personal Loans

Mr. Deepak Kumar, a 50-year old salaried person, is about to retire soon. He wishes to borrow a loan to undertake an international vacation with his family. He plans on offsetting the loan amount with the pension he receives after retirement. Mr. Deepak has received a text

Allowing Yourself To Overspend

  One of the hallmarks of good financial planning, or at least from people who claim they are teaching it, is to avoid going over your budget. The budget itself should be carefully developed based on known monthly expenses, they say, and they’re right. The problem is,

Sorting Out Your Finances Before Buying a Car

If you are gearing yourself up for the finance to buy a new or used car, it is important to make sure that your financial affairs are in a healthy and robust state of affairs as possible. Credit reference agencies The main reason for this is that

Is Your Pension Fund Safe Post Brexit?

  Plunging markets and poor annuity returns mean a bleak outlook for your pension The financial markets are tanking and investors are even more risk-averse after the UK Brexit vote. So how can you escape pension doomsday? A hair’s breadth decision has plunged UK financial institutions into