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5 Personal Injury Compensation Claims Debunked

If you are thinking about making an arm injury claim, through a group such as Leo Claims, you may be put off by a lot of the misinformation that is out there on the web.  Perhaps you are frightened by scare stories and negative publicity.  In the

How To Handle Your US Tax Return In The UK

Taxes are not only boring and time-consuming, but they provide us with one of the largest headaches that any government process can offer. Whilst most people know what is required of them, either personally or for business, tax returns nearly always get left to the last minute.

Real Estate Group Investments for Residential Property

Real estate investment is a great way to secure future funds, either for retirement or for your children. Yet not everyone can afford to invest in real estate purely out of their own pockets, and as such, investments in residential property have been out of reach for

Travel Intelligently and Save Money

We all love to travel, don’t we?  What we don’t love though is the rising costs of organising trips abroad.  The prices of accommodation, flights, meals, tourist attractions and entertainment can all add up to give you a headache.  Although it may seem easier to just give

3 Tell Tale Signs You Need To Upskill

Are you happy in your current job or the current position you hold in that company?  Have you ever considered retraining in a different field or upgrading the skills you already have to make you a much better candidate for promotions and improve your employment opportunities?  Whether

External Solid Wall Insulation & the available UK funding

External solid wall insulation is a form of home insulation that is available to home owners and according to the latest Government report in March 2014, 8 million homes have solid walls but only 257,000 (3%) homes actually have solid wall insulation, therefore, the UK Government is

The Best Times to use Your Airline Credit Card

Using an airline credit card can give you financial freedom that you never thought was possible before. You can earn rewards towards all of your travel expenses and finally have the ability to see the world. “Airline credit cards have created a whole new type of credit