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Work accidents: the steps YOU should take

There you are, wandering through your workplace without a care in the world. You’re humming a jaunty tune. You’ve got a smile on your face. And you don’t notice the wire trailing on the floor in front of you. With a high-pitched scream that only dolphins can

The Basics of Value Investing: Rules and Recommendations

Despite all the potential complexities related to stock trading, this has always been seen as one of the most appealing and effective ways to make money fast. Unsurprisingly, many people still tend to think that stock trading is a simple money grinding technique and completely disregard all

How to Get the Best Loan for Your Car Purchase

Deciding you want to purchase a new or used car is a big step. The next step is deciding how you will fund the cost of the purchase. Paying for a car can involve a variety of methods. The most likely – and most common – method

Four Ways to Help Prevent Power Faults

Businesses are now becoming more dependent than ever on technology to get through their daily workflows. If the server, router, and staff workstations aren’t working in tandem with each other, it could have drastic effects on a company’s productivity, especially during peak hours. However, you also risk

10 Signs You Should Invest In Motor Vehicle Insurance

Insurance premiums are forever increasing. With most budgets already pushed to the limit, it can be difficult to justify purchasing or renewing insurance each year. But, before you discard your existing policy or your plans to get one, check out these that signs you should definitely invest

Banking on the best mortgage

Looking for a mortgage? Despite what many people think, there’s more to finding the right one than just going for the lowest APR, or what looks like the cheapest overall deal. The right mortgage needs to suit you and the plans that you have for the property

How to Manage Your Construction Cashflow

As a subcontractor you face many challenges both on and off the jobsite; managing your cashflow is probably one of the most vital skills you need to stay in business. From interfacing with the contractor to working with the homeowner your talents must be honed to perfection;