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What Are CFDs, And How Can they Make You Money?

For most people, the world of financial trading appears to be a distant one; it’s for the mega rich and business savvy. However, you may well be surprised to know that it’s actually a lot more accessible than you might think, and that more and more people

Balancing thrills and safety in the business of sports

As safety awareness becomes more advanced, less sport-related accidents occur – but by its very nature, there will always be some risks to competitors and spectators. After all, sport that is completely safe and risk-free is unlikely to appeal to many people; it is the fact that

Where You Should Be Investing Your Money

Financial advisors spend much of their time recommending where their clients are best served investing their hard earned dollars. Between shares, bonds, fixed interest rate savings accounts and property, investors have myriad options to grow their wealth. While each option has its pros and cons, and people’s

Advice for Those Finding it Tough to Get a Mortgage

Trying to get approved for a mortgage can feel like an impossible task. Sadly, since the credit crunch and recession, many people have reluctantly accepted that they are facing longer stints in rented accommodation. When you decide it’s time to buy your first home, the real estate

Invoice Factoring: The Benefits of Outsourcing Versus In-House Collection

As companies look for ways to expand and improve performance, there are a multitude of areas to consider, including franchising and diversifying. However, initially your business will need to become as financially viable and efficient as possible. Outsourcing invoices and administration processes, as opposed to collecting in-house,

Using PPC Advertising For Business Growth

Because of the fast evolution of the internet, it is quite obvious that we have access to brand new advertising options that are available for businesses. PPC advertising is something that can be incredibly effective for business growth. Statistics show that companies spend billions of dollars every

Tips for Building Your New Business in 2015

As a fresh start-up, you have the distinct luxury of drawing on the experiences of those who came before you. The numbers are scary – 40% of new businesses fail within their first year. Just over 80% will have shuttered within five years. But that’s not going