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Why A Prenuptial Agreement Is Never Foolproof

Prenuptial Agreements: What You Need To Know The idea of a prenuptial agreement is to protect both parties financially before they get married. This legal document can be used to protect a multitude of different aspects of the couple’s financial affairs, including things such as family inheritances

5 Oversights That Could Lead to Office Headaches

When it’s time for an office remodel or a perhaps an office move, the excitement over picking cool chairs and break room amenities can overshadow some of the more practical considerations involved. Business owners want to make sure they are maximizing their project budgets while also improving

4 Household Items You Can Sell to Make Money

We all need extra cash once in a while. Maybe you’re saving up for a vacation, planning to spoil someone you love with a fancy dinner or surprise gift, or need some funds to pay an unexpected bill. Whatever the reason, you’ll be surprised to learn that

4 Reasons Good Branding Is Important To Your Business

Branding is an essential part of setting up your business, and you need to get it right from the start; otherwise you are just wasting your time. From web design, photography and video production to graphic design, every business asset needs to be branded well to ensure

Insurance Risks in the Film Industry

Aon had created this brilliant infographic that highlights the biggest risks and payouts in the film industry. It features popular films and TV shows including Game of Thrones, Fast & Furious, and Moulin Rouge. It also provides information about actor injury and illness costs that these films

Saving Money on Your Car Hire

If you are planning on renting a car when you go on holiday you may be interested in the following top tips to help you save money, on both the car hire itself, and the car hire excess insurance. Purchase car excess insurance from a standalone insurance

3 Benefits of Face-to-Face Sales

Marketing techniques and trends are constantly changing, but one approach that has stood the test of time is face-to-face sales. People have been using one-to-one interactions to promote products and services throughout the history of commerce and this promotional technique remains popular today. Specialists like Appco Group

Why Homeowners Need to Own a Dehumidifier

There are numerous reasons why homeowners need to buy a dehumidifier for their homes. Potentially dangerous variables are able to be removed by their use that affect your family and your home. Light industrial/commercial dehumidifiers are known to be more efficient than residential dehumidifiers and should be