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How to Grow Your Accounting Business

  Accounting is a competitive area of commerce, and growth in the area is rife. With more and more businesses needing accounting services, it pays to seek growth, but how do you go about finding new clients on a regular basis? It is often the case that

Why You Need to Take Credit Card Payments

If you run a business of any kind that takes face to face, over the counter payments, you really need to be able to take credit cards. This is not advisory, it’s essential, as just about every one of your customers will carry a credit or debit

Avoiding the Gold Rush Syndrome

The widely quoted and retold story of just who exactly made a fortune during the Gold Rush is perhaps worth briefly recapping just one more time as it has such a powerful lesson to teach us all. Two groups of people made all the money, namely those

How Digitalization Helps in Calculating Home Loan EMIs

  Technological development has made applying for loans quick and simple. Digitalization enables you to determine your loan eligibility and stay updated with all the loan-related information. Furthermore, online calculators help you to calculate the estimated Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) you will have to pay during the

4 More Common Types of Home Loan Frauds

Unethical practices are on the rise in the housing finance market.  Some lenders try to lure customers by offering unrealistic loan terms, while some extract an advance fee from unsuspecting borrowers. Some lenders even try to obtain personal and financial details of individuals through fraudulent means. Borrowers

Tips for Investing Your Retirement Money

You have probably realized by now that it is never too early to begin saving up for retirement. If you want to make sure that you live a comfortable life when you are no longer able to earn, you cannot afford to wait. Unfortunately, however, times are

How to Pass Your CPA Exams

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant has many benefits; there is great demand for qualified persons, and the salary can be lucrative. It’s not an easy path to take, as it involves a lot of study and some very difficult exams. If you are already on the path,

Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea?

From the rise of gold stocks to gold exchange-traded funds, there are numerous options for gold investors today. Throughout history metal has been seen to play major roles in the economies of different nations, but the question is; what is its purpose and why should an investor

Winter Blues

During the winter, I tend to make up any excuse not to leave the apartment. There are many good reasons for this but I would have to say my 3 big ones are: 1. It’s COLD 2. I like my cozy apartment and 3. I hate putting